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After my first visit to Egypt in 2010, I planned another visit soon. But due to the revolution in Jan of 2011 and unrest in November 2011, it was delayed until February 2012

Before leaving for Cairo my friends and family asked me with sincere concern, “Do you think this is a good time to go? Won’t it be dangerous? I wouldn’t go there now, I am too worried about what is going on there.”

” I don’t care, even if the Pharaohs come out of their tombs to demonstrate, I am going” was my answer.

Unfortunately the pharaohs did not come out of their tombs,to demonstrate,  might have been fun, but neither did anybody else. People went about their business. The business of coping with every day’s challenges, like trying to find work, trying to make a living, trying to sell something to a stray tourist.

“Welcome to Egypt”  Or “Thank you for coming back” said with a sincere smile made me feel very comfortable, and I wondered again why the media never shows the peaceful side of things. The pictures we see on television, which I agree are not reassuring, only show a small portion of a big pictures which looks very different when seen as a whole.

I took the subway, I went to the Museum, I walked in the streets, I went shopping, I took a Felucca , I took taxis – and I was never bothered , harassed, or felt in danger. On the contrary there was always somebody ready to help. But having said this I did not walk around alone at night, and had I seen a crowd of people, I would have avoided it – but then I don’t walk around in Central Park at night either. Today caution is something we have to travel with anywhere in the world.

And then there was the incredible bonus –  hardly any Tourists. 

So if you want a moment alone with Tutankhamun (more about that the next time) and I convinced you that it is not dangerous, the time to go is NOW.   

And besides the lack of tourists, prices of could not be lower than they are now – check out the tours that are offered. And being part of a tour, the protection of the organizers will make it a very safe experience.

More about the Pyramids soon


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  1. Peggy Anne Lyman says:

    You certainly make it look inviting. How nice that you had such a lovely time.


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