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600,000 Egyptian Women Get Married Before Age of Consent: Study

A study conducted by the International Population Council, the National Council for Population and Development and Assiut University on rates of early marriage in upper Egypt has revealed that about 600,000 women have been married before reaching 18 years old in 2015-2016.

The study titled “Towards policies and programs based on scientific evidence to demolish early marriage in Egypt”, states that the average age of marriage in Egypt is 20 for females and 26 for males. Yet, the problem of early marriage is still exaggerating in rural areas in Upper Egypt, according to the privately-owned Al-Masry Al-Youm. Egyptian law bans marriage under 18.

The study has further revealed that one-quarter of married women aged 25 to 29 in Egypt have married under 18, and this percentage rises to 33.3 percent in rural areas. However, 3.7 of girls currently under 18 are already married and 5.2 percent are engaged. These percentages represent about 250,000 girls.

The study added that there are several dangers caused by early marriages, both health and societal dangers. Early marriage deprives girls of their right to education and work, also increases the possibility of domestic violence and leads to poverty. Also, girls who get married at an early age often have miscarriage and stillbirth.


The laws of the land don’t always match reality ………….!

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Egypt’s Daily Life – Headscarves and Fashion

Wearing a HIJAB – (a headscarf)  does not prevent women to be fashionable 









Besides reasons of modesty wearing a headscarf is certainly quite effective in drawing attention to a pretty face or for never having to worry about a bad hair day!

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Egypt’s Daily Life – Hidden in Plain Sight

Is this what the lady is wearing under her black Gallebaya?


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Aswan High Dam/ Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser, located in southern Egypt and northern Sudan,  is one of the biggest man-made lakes in the world. It was created  when the Aswan High Dam was built between 1960 and 1970. The Nile River is its primary inflow and outflow.

Image result for lake nasser map

The Aswan High Dam was seen as pivotal to Egypt’s planned industrialization with the ability to better control flooding, provide increased water storage for irrigation, and generate hydroelectricity.

Today, besides fulfilling these important functions, it is also a destination for tourists. Lake Nasser allows visitors to travel right up to Abu Simbel (Ramses II temple, which was relocated in 1968 through international donations to avoid being lost in the waters flooding the area to create Lake Nasser).

Image result for photo of abu simbel seen from lake nasser

Being in Aswan during one of my trips and being so close to these historical, and ancient sites we went to visit the Aswan Dam/Lake Nasser. It was an overwhelming experience which I want to share with you  in the video I am posting here.

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Egypt’s Daily Life – Car Repairs

Do you have a flat tire? Come here and let us fix it!

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Photo of the Week – CHOICES

Some people prefer camels over horses!

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Pope Francis Visiting Egypt April 28-29, 2017

 I just came across this beautiful logo announcing Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Egypt and want to share it with you.

Official logo for Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt

The official logo of Pope Francis' Apostolic Journey to Egypt reads "Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace" - RV

The official logo of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journey to Egypt reads “Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace”

31/03/2017 15:29

 (Vatican Radio)  The logo for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journey to Egypt, which takes place 28-29 April, has been released by the Egyptian Catholic Church.

The three main elements present in the logo are Egypt, Pope Francis, and Peace.

“Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace” are the words in Arabic and English at the base of the logo.

Egypt is represented by the Nile River – a symbol of life – as well as by the pyramids and the Sphinx, which highlight the long history of civilization in this African country.

The Cross and Crescent Moon at the center of the logo represent the coexistence between the various components of the Egyptian people.

A white dove signifies peace, which is both the highest gift to which every human being can aspire and the greeting of monotheistic religions.

Finally, the dove precedes Pope Francis to announce his arrival as the Pope of Peace in a country of peace


This should be a message for the whole the world!!

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Egypt’s Daily Life – Who needs a Supermarket?






























It is organic, it is fresh, it has never seen a refrigerator, or pesticides…….all good for your health ….Bon Appetit!






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The Snake Charmer

It was a hot afternoon in Luxor and we had just finished lunch. Our driver Ahmed came to pick us up, but we did not have a real destination for the rest of the afternoon. Suddenly Liz got an idea. She asked Ahmed if he knew a snake charmer. He looked puzzled, but Liz went on,

“Ahmed didn’t you say the other day that you knew a snake charmer who has a cobra?”

The locals who work with expats and tourists never like to disappoint, so Ahmed nodded, “So let’s go now,” Liz said and with that our car went to the outskirts of Luxor. We stopped in front of a mud hut and Ahmed disappeared. When he came back he told us that the Cobra had died last week, but there was man on the other side of town who has one. After several turns and twist (Ahmed was not quite sure of the address) we stopped on the main street, next to a  dark alley which was too narrow for a car to go through, so we got out and walked the rest of  way.





The entrance to the house was not reassuring, but bending down we went in – and found ourselves in a place where all daylight was lost. In the darkness we could hear Ahmed talk to the men, about 6 of them. Then we were asked to sit on the floor – luckily there were some scraps of carpet.  

A woman peeked around a corner and a few minutes later brought us tea. I was glad it was dark because I did not want to see  the cup  I drank the tea from.

Ahmed pointed  to the man sitting against the wall smoking a hookah (waterpipe) and told us that he was our man. Moments later a jute bag was brought in and placed in front of him. Putting his hand on it, he started chanting- we held our breath – the cobra was close………..but there was no need to hold our breath – what he pulled out of the bag was an ordinary garden snake.








Very pleased with himself he got up and draped it around my friends’ neck









I declined  – which brought on lots of laughter and remarks I didn’t understand.

When we had finished taking photos and had duly paid for our entertainment we left.

I can’t say we didn’t feel tricked – but since it is very important in the Islamic world   to never take a man’s dignity – we never let on that we knew the garden snake was no cobra!

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P.S. We found out later that our snake charmer is the man you call to get rid of a snakes in your garden- and they are no cobras!





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How many sphinxes are there in Egypt?

Whenever the Sphinx is mentioned the picture that comes up in most people’s mind is the image of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

It is the most famous, it is the biggest, but there are hundreds of sphinxes in Egypt, and some of them are very beautiful, like this one in Memphis.


Unfortunately nothing is known about it – who it represents or why it was created. But the thousand of years since then have  not detracted from her beauty.




Memphis, located 15 miles south of modern Cairo, was under  Pharaoh Djoser (2686 BC) the royal capital of Egypt.



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