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Met Museum to Return Prize Artifact Because It Was Stolen

The Met paid almost $4 million for the coffin, which will now be returned to Egypt, where it was said to have been looted in 2011. The Metropolitan Museum of Art built a substantial exhibition last year around a new … Continue reading

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Pahraoh Ramses II – Even the Great Can Fall

Ramses II was one of Egypt’s longest reigning pharaohs – over 65 years – he died when he was in his 90s. His statues, bigger than life, bigger than anything, can be found all over Egypt. But even the biggest can … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Ancient Stones Coming Back To Life

When visiting Egypt we are all awe-struck by the scale and beauty of temples, statues and columns. But we seldom think of how it is possible that we can see these treasures still today – thousand of years later. We have to … Continue reading

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