Pahraoh Ramses II – Even the Great Can Fall

Ramses II was one of Egypt’s longest reigning pharaohs – over 65 years – he died when he was in his 90s. His statues, bigger than life, bigger than anything, can be found all over Egypt.

But even the biggest can fall. In Memphis, once Egypt’s capital, there is a statue of Ramses II – laying down. It was discovered 1829 by Giovanni Caviglia. When is was given to the British Museum they had to refuse the gift because the task of moving it prevented it from  going to England.img_7516

Today the colossus is still laying in Memphis and a small museum has been built around him to protect the statue from deteriorating. It is nearly 39 feet long, and that is without the lower part of his legs and feet.

And when standing in front of this magnificently carved monument one can only wonder if his smile hides something he won’t tell us.img_7515-2

But in America we should not be jealous, because in 1991 with permission of Egypt a fiberglass replica was built of the statue of Ramses II which now stands in front of the University of Memphis in Tennessee  – what is the connection? Memphis of course! tnmemramesses_dk2193

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  1. Peggy Anne Lyman says:

    Always fanaciting and very interesting.


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