Egypt’s Daily Life – Who needs a Supermarket?






























It is organic, it is fresh, it has never seen a refrigerator, or pesticides…….all good for your health ….Bon Appetit!






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The Snake Charmer

It was a hot afternoon in Luxor and we had just finished lunch. Our driver Ahmed came to pick us up, but we did not have a real destination for the rest of the afternoon. Suddenly Liz got an idea. She asked Ahmed if he knew a snake charmer. He looked puzzled, but Liz went on,

“Ahmed didn’t you say the other day that you knew a snake charmer who has a cobra?”

The locals who work with expats and tourists never like to disappoint, so Ahmed nodded, “So let’s go now,” Liz said and with that our car went to the outskirts of Luxor. We stopped in front of a mud hut and Ahmed disappeared. When he came back he told us that the Cobra had died last week, but there was man on the other side of town who has one. After several turns and twist (Ahmed was not quite sure of the address) we stopped on the main street, next to a  dark alley which was too narrow for a car to go through, so we got out and walked the rest of  way.





The entrance to the house was not reassuring, but bending down we went in – and found ourselves in a place where all daylight was lost. In the darkness we could hear Ahmed talk to the men, about 6 of them. Then we were asked to sit on the floor – luckily there were some scraps of carpet.  

A woman peeked around a corner and a few minutes later brought us tea. I was glad it was dark because I did not want to see  the cup  I drank the tea from.

Ahmed pointed  to the man sitting against the wall smoking a hookah (waterpipe) and told us that he was our man. Moments later a jute bag was brought in and placed in front of him. Putting his hand on it, he started chanting- we held our breath – the cobra was close………..but there was no need to hold our breath – what he pulled out of the bag was an ordinary garden snake.








Very pleased with himself he got up and draped it around my friends’ neck









I declined  – which brought on lots of laughter and remarks I didn’t understand.

When we had finished taking photos and had duly paid for our entertainment we left.

I can’t say we didn’t feel tricked – but since it is very important in the Islamic world   to never take a man’s dignity – we never let on that we knew the garden snake was no cobra!

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P.S. We found out later that our snake charmer is the man you call to get rid of a snakes in your garden- and they are no cobras!





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How many sphinxes are there in Egypt?

Whenever the Sphinx is mentioned the picture that comes up in most people’s mind is the image of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

It is the most famous, it is the biggest, but there are hundreds of sphinxes in Egypt, and some of them are very beautiful, like this one in Memphis.


Unfortunately nothing is known about it – who it represents or why it was created. But the thousand of years since then have  not detracted from her beauty.




Memphis, located 15 miles south of modern Cairo, was under  Pharaoh Djoser (2686 BC) the royal capital of Egypt.



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EGYPT’S Daily Life – School Trip

On Thursdays Egyptian school children have a field trip. They arrive by bus and besides admiring the Pyramids, enjoy the freedom of being children.


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Wives – how many can you have?

History tells us that the Prophet Muhammad had lots of wives. But in the Quran it says that a man can have 4 wives.

I think the Prophet must have had special privileges because until now the number allowed is 4 – that is for a man – never the other way around. Today, even though it is still practiced, it is less so in larger towns than in the in the country site.

Now, as in the past the number of wives is also determined by how rich a man is – 4 wives eat more than 1 – and a larger house is needed to accommodate everyone.

During one of my visits the guide took me into a small dark street


and while I was wondering where we were going we turned into a lovely, square courtyard with a garden and trees. surrounded by four connecting buildings.

“Here a very well to do merchant lived, and he had this house built for himself and his 4 wives. Each one had her own quarters where she lived with her children. They came together in the prayer room where the husband read from the Quran.” the guide explained.


Prayer Room

While I admired the beautiful architecture, the inlaid marble floors,

img_2266-2 img_2261-2img_2259


and exquisitely carved wooden windows img_2262-2

I tried to imagine what it would be like to be one of four wives. Starting with the surrounding, this could be tempting I thought; and there would be no stress to earn a living; no hassle raising the children because there were plenty of servants, and the husband will always take care of everything! As I said – tempting! But then when I looked at the carved wooden windows again, which allow to look out, but nobody can ever look in, I felt that the price of comfort would not compensate for being isolated from the world!

Maybe I was born too late or in the wrong country to understand this way of life?


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Egypt’s Daily Life – Buying a New Caftan


Is it the design, or the style or the invisible customer that makes this man crack up?


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EGYPT – Healing While Vacationing

Egypt plans to attract millions of tourists through Virus C medical tourism program

Tue, 14/02/2017 – 15:40

Tourists in Karnak despite terrorist attack

Egypt’s Health Ministry has announced its medical tourism program for Hepatitis C virus patients, in coordination with the Tourism Ministry.

Lionel Messi will arrive on Wednesday in Cairo to promote the program, it added.

In a statement on Tuesday, the ministry said Egypt has been the focus of attention of all countries in the wake of its success in treating around one million Hepatitis C patients.

A plan has been made to attract millions of tourists through the program, which includes treatments for psoriasis, Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, acne and eczema.

The program offers ‘environmental treatments’ at Pharaoh’s Bath (Hammam Feraoun), Moussa’s Springs (Oyoun Moussa) and Ras Sidr in Sinai; as well as at various locations Siwa, Marsa Matrouh, the New Valley, the Oases and Aswan, the statement read.

Specialized teams of doctors were trained on medical tourism through seminars, in order to turn Egypt into a well-known destination for environmental treatment around the world.

In all, the Ministry was able to cure around 942,000 patients of Hepatitis C virus at a cost exceeding LE three billion by end of January.


This might be one way of having fun while getting cured!

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EGYPT Without The Crowds

CNN recommends Egypt among best 20 destinations not to be missed

Tue, 07/02/2017 – 15:38

These world-wandering experts have seen the world and here they share their favorite destinations, and why they think they are 'not to be missed'. CNN

From pilots to travel photographers, train aficionados to tour guides, these world-wandering experts have seen the world.  Here they share their favorite destinations, and why they think they shouldn’t be missed.

Visit Egypt without the crowds

“I’d highly recommend going to Egypt now,” says Geoffrey Kent, founder of Abercrombie & Kent.
“I traveled there at the end of 2015 and it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see these sites with few crowds. For instance, at Abu Simbel, I was in Ramses temple and had it all to myself for a few minutes.
“As I was climbing up the narrow staircase into the center of Cheops Pyramid, there were only a few people that I had to sidestep. It’s a very different experience doing that when the crowds (and heat) are at full force,” says Kent.


Just another reminder not to miss the experience of a live time – namely to spend time alone – even if it is only for a few minutes – with a pharaoh!

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Archaeologists Accidentally Discover 3,000-YEAR-OLD Royal Tomb in Egypt

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered a 3,000-year-old tomb believed to be of a royal Egyptian scribe in the vast necropolis at ancient Thebes.

PUBLISHED: 17:37, Fri, Feb 3, 2017 | UPDATED: 18:13, Fri, Feb 3, 2017

The newly discovered tomb was filled with carvingsWASEDA UNIVERSITY

The newly discovered tomb was filled with intricate carvings

The tomb, located within the modern day city of Luxor, belongs to a man named Khonsu who is described as a ’true renowned scribe’.

The chamber dates back to the Ramesside period around 1200 BC and is elaborately decorated with images of gods, humans – and baboons.

The spectacular discovery was made by a team of archaeologists led by Professor Jiro Kondo from Japan’s Waseda University.

The L-shaped chamber was uncovered as teams cleared debris from the forecourt of the tomb of Userhat – an Egyptian officiThe tal who served Amenhotep III – the grandfather of Tutankhamun.Professor Kondo told Seeker that the team were stunned by what they found inside.

He said: “On the north wall of the entrance doorway, we found a scene showing the solar boat of the god Ra-Atum being worshipped by four baboons showing the pose of adoration”.

We found a scene showing the solar boat of the god Ra-Atum being worshipped by four baboons.

Professor Jiro Kondo

Baboons are believed to have been revered in ancient Egypt, and were often associated with wisdom, science and measurement – and are believed to have been the spiritual muses of the scribes.The discovery would suggest that royal scribe Khonsu may have held baboons in extremely high regard for them to have been carved in such a prominent place in his tomb.

The depiction of baboons has long baffled historians, as they are not native to Egypt.

Carving of Ra-Atum's boat worshipped by baboonsWASEDA UNIVERSITY

Carving depicts god Ra-Atum’s boat being worshipped by baboons

Historians suspect the primates were brought to the country from Nubia – a region that encompassed part of modern day Sudan.The discovery of the latest carvings resemble previous findings, reaffirming the belief that the baboon was incredibly popular in Egypt and many other parts of Africa.History suggests baboons were kept by the ancient Egyptians as beloved pets, and were most likely trained to pick figs.

Khonsu and his wife worship gods Osiris and IsisWASEDA UNIVERSITY

Khonsu and his wife worshipping the ancient Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis

It is also believed the word ‘baboon’ may even derive from the Egyptian god Baba, who was worshipped by the earliest of human settlements in predynastic times.Professor Kondo added that the southern wall of the previously unknown chamber depicted Khonsu and his wife worshipping the ancient Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis.


While visiting Egypt an archeologist told me, “You can start digging anywhere in Egypt and you are sure to find something.” It certainly looks like it.

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Photo Of The Week – Can You See Me Now?


NO, I can’t! But I can hear you on my cell Phone!

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