Hello Everyone

While I was in Egypt I learned that we are not the first people to twitter. Most things we use today have started in Egypt, and  Twitter is no exception.

Amenhotep III, of the 18th Dynasty was a pharaoh of peace and diplomacy. He uplifted Egypt to great prosperity, and believed in communicating with his subjects. So to let them know what was going on at court or about the decisions he made,  he twittered, using  small stone replicas of the scarab.

 The scarab, a dung beetle enjoyed a sacred status among the ancient Egyptians. The back side, which is flat, and not very big, restricted how much could be said. He had his messages written in hieroglyphs, and then they were handed out to the people delivering the news.

We have up-graded it, but we did not invent it – people twittered long before us, and will long after us.

I know this has nothing to do with ‘looking your best’ but it is interesting enough to pass it on

Until the next time


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