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An OBELISK is a tall four-sided pillar ending in a pyramid-like shape on top.  They came in pairs and were placed in front of temples, one on each side of the entrance. When QUEEN HATSHEPSUT, Egypt’s first female pharaoh who reigned Egypt … Continue reading

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Ramesses II Visiting Paris

You don’t have to be alive when you visit Paris – but you have to be a pharaoh, and not just any pharaoh – but Ramesses the Great Regarded as the most powerful pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, he ruled for more than sixty years (1279 … Continue reading

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If you can’t make it to Egypt to see Tutankhamun, maybe you can make it to Paris?  A new exposition, charmingly called “Smiles of Egypt” (Sourires d’Egypt) is showing the treasures and lifestyle of Tutankhamun. You can find it at … Continue reading

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