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A New Way To Rob Egypt’s Antiquities

Why a TED Prize Winning Platform May Inadvertently Rob Egypt of Its Buried Antiquities 13/01/2017 09:00 A TED prize-winning platform is promising to teach anyone how to analyse satellite images to identify buried archaeological sites. The mission hopes to uncover … Continue reading

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Egypt – 2,000-year-old Pet Cemetery

Dogs, monkeys, cats: 2,000-year-old pet cemetery uncovered in Egypt By Tracy Watson – Special for USA Today Dec. 2, 2016 In Egypt’s ancient town of Berenike, archeologists discovered a nearly 2000-year-old pet cemetery with dogs, cats and monkeys. Elizabeth Keatinge … Continue reading

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Pahraoh Ramses II – Even the Great Can Fall

Ramses II was one of Egypt’s longest reigning pharaohs – over 65 years – he died when he was in his 90s. His statues, bigger than life, bigger than anything, can be found all over Egypt. But even the biggest can … Continue reading

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Ancient Mymmy discovered near Luxor

Ancient Egyptian mummy discovered ‘in very good condition’ Spanish archaeologists find remains in tomb said to date from between 1075BC and 664BC near Luxor in southern Egypt Sarcophagus containing the mummy that has been found near Luxor. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Ancient Stones Coming Back To Life

When visiting Egypt we are all awe-struck by the scale and beauty of temples, statues and columns. But we seldom think of how it is possible that we can see these treasures still today – thousand of years later. We have to … Continue reading

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