Today, a week ago at exactly this time I stood in front of Queen Nefertiti, in The Neue Museum in Berlin, Germany.

There are things in life we wish for – and keep wishing for, and when they comes true one feels transfixed by the reality that was for so long just a dream, just a fantasy — but that morning it was not only a picture in a school corridor, or a faded image in an old book, or a postcard someone sent years ago – there SHE was…… standing in the middle of a small rotunda. The lights were dim, and her beautiful face filled the space.

The bust is only 18.5" high

The bust is only 18.5″ high

It was early in the morning, everything was quiet, only the four guards protecting the glass case stood to attention. I took my time – I wanted to make the most of this moment.
I walked around her several times Image (24) – how beautiful the details are and the colors still so fresh after thousands of years – is it really that long? Seeing the serene expression and the far away look in her eye I wondered what she is really trying to say.Nefertiti lips

Maybe she wants to confirm that PERFECTION does exist!!! And that there really is an AFTERLIFE?

Back to Egypt soon



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  1. Nancy Rahman says:

    she was so beautiful when i saw her. glad you had a look!


  2. james says:

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