KARNAK TEMPLE  never loses its magic for me and I can not imagine a visit to Egypt without walking again through the GREAT HYPOSTYLE HALL. It is a humbling and exhilarating experience.


Humbling because when gently touching one of the columns my hand was but a tiny speck on the mighty structure telling me that I am only a grain of sand in a world that was there long before me and will be there long after.

Can you see the man?

Can you see the man?

Exhilarating because passing through the mighty columns there is only silence – a silence that speaks with a loud voice about Egypt’s past splendor, and about how high man can rise – a voice I can never forget.

The GREAT HYPOSTYLE HALL was built by Seti I  – Father of Ramses II  (1290 – 1279 B.C.) It has 134 columns. The 12 largest ones are 70 feet high and the remaining 122 are 40 feet high. But these numbers don’t tell story. You will only know the whole story once you have been there yourself

More from Egypt soon                                                            IMG_1873-2

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