Egypt- Photos Of The Week – McDonalds and Mercedes Benz

Famous Name  Brands have a way of creeping  into the most unexpected corners of the world

The Sign Reads – McDonald behind the Luxor Temple






A Red Mercedes-Benz in Cairo’s Garbage City (Manshiyat Naser)

More from Egypt Soon


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2 Responses to Egypt- Photos Of The Week – McDonalds and Mercedes Benz

  1. Odette Bragg says:

    You went to the garbage pickers neighborhood, too? It was interesting, but I had to put something over my mouth and nose because of the smell.


    • Yes I did Odette – it was challenging and very impressive how people can live like that – I don’t remember the smell – maybe I was too sidetracked by the red Mercedes-Benz……..hope you are well


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