Egypt’s Daily Life – Working to Stay Alive

He earns his daily Bread by offering donkey rides to the Tourists

Every kind of work deserves respect –

Street Cleaner in Cairo

Pumping Gas in Luxor













Delivering Bread in Cairo



Feluca Driver on the Nile


























Want to ride a Camel ?- Here at the Pyramids the Camel Owners are waiting for you!

More from Egypt Soon


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3 Responses to Egypt’s Daily Life – Working to Stay Alive

  1. Peggy Anne Lyman says:

    Always interesting. T.hank you.


  2. mistermuse says:

    “Every kind of work deserves respect” indeed (though some politicians make it hard to respect what they do). But (politicians aside), we could all use reminding that there is dignity in doing even the most menial jobs, and those who do them deserve as much respect (if not more) than the rich and famous.


    • Thank you for tuning in – I personally never think of Politian’s as working people…..!
      And I agree with you the people doing menial jobs do deserve our respect – we just have to
      remind the world of it……..

      Liked by 1 person

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