Egypt’s Daily Life – Who needs a Supermarket?






























It is organic, it is fresh, it has never seen a refrigerator, or pesticides…….all good for your health ….Bon Appetit!






More from Egypt soon!



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2 Responses to Egypt’s Daily Life – Who needs a Supermarket?

  1. Hi Brigitte – I mean no disrespect at all, but please be careful with the word “organic” and with the assertion no pesticides! Egypt has an incredibly high use of chemicals in agriculture: In my experience, the first thing that any, and I mean ANY, farmer/gardener will do is reach for the chemicals. Crops are speeded along with the use of hormones (witness a fruit farm I visited in the Delta last year), sprayed with malathion when mealy bugs appear, and so on and on. Chemical fertilisers are manufactured in Egypt both for use in home agriculture and for export. I have come across very few farmworkers who have any real understanding of composting, let alone organic cultivation. Also, remember that GM crops are grown in Egypt – eg “A’agiba” corn. Sylvia


    • thank you for enlightening me, – however, when I visited the banana plantation on a little island in the Nile near Luxor – I asked the question – and they told me they were not using anything – maybe not true or an exception ?????? – thank you again for sharing your knowledge


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