Egypt’s Daily Life – Spare Parts Needed?

Egypt not being a throw-away society everything can be repaired and yes, spare parts are available……

egypt_1209-jpg-2…some parts maybe a bit rusty because they are not new, but rust can always be removed with elbow grease!

More from Egypt soon



About Brigitte Nioche

Author of Living Longer, Living Well - How to Embrace the Challenges of a Long Life. Other titles - Dress to Impress, The Sensual Dresser, What Turns Men On.
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3 Responses to Egypt’s Daily Life – Spare Parts Needed?

  1. Odette Bragg says:

    We rode through the Alexandria area where car bodies and pieces are recycled onto wrecked vehicles. Of course, we have something similar with you-pull-it car junk yards, but it was interesting to see the ingenuity inside the city.


    • Yes, Odette I saw what you mentioned in Alexandria, this photo is taken in Cairo – it is just refreshing to see that nothing is ever wasted – maybe we could do some of it – Happy New Year


  2. Peggy Anne Lyman says:

    Always interesting.


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