I have just listened to Yanni’s CD that was recorded while he was in concert in front of the Pyramids. It was a huge success, but among all the excitement and focus on the event, one touching human story emerged. It was told by the Egyptologist Walid El Batouty who was Yanni’s guide during his time in Egypt,

My Mother, God bless her soul, gave me the video of Yanni playing at the Acropolis –  that was 22 years ago. In this video he dedicated a song to his Mother, and my Mother, God bless her soul, said to me – one day you will be the guide of this man when he is in Egypt and it has  been my dream ever since. – About a month ago I asked on my Facebook page – why don’t we ask Yanni to perform at the Pyramids?  – and  2 minutes later I got a phone call from my friend Ashraf  Haridy saying “Walid I’m not joking. Your Dream is coming true Yanni is composing at the pyramids and you are going to be his guide.”


It’s 3:48 am I just got home from the pyramids after the rehearsal of Yanni and the minute he started playing I couldn’t stop my tears – – Mother, God bless your soul, thank you and Yanni and my friend Ashraf.


It just goes to show mothers know best – and Yanni always tells us dreams do come true!

More from Egypt soon






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  1. Peggy Anne Lyman says:

    Wonderful. I also have that recording and am going to listen to it soon.


    • Yes, his music is beautiful – he said on his last DVD which it
      the concert in front of the Pyramids that he will go back to Egypt for
      another concert – well whenever that is I won’t miss it


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