When visiting Egypt a must see always is the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. And I am sure that most of you who have visited Egypt did see this wonderful testimony of the Ancient World. But did you see it at night? – The Sound and Light Show? It took me four visits until I finally stopped listening to my friends, and guides whose argument for not going was, “That’s Hollywood,  don’t bother.”

But one night I bothered – the wind blew gently, and under a dark blue, starless sky I walked with a small group of people among the dimly lit 134 columns of the Great Hypostyle Hall, while the statues of the Pharaohs watched from the shadows.


During the day Karnak is majestic, overwhelming, and overpowering  but at night nobody can escape its mystery. A mystery that leaves us longing to know more about what the world of Ancient Egypt was like!

More from Egypt soon

IMG_7989-2     Brigitte

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