BREAD – FLAT BREAD is  still today a staple of the Egyptian diet, like it was thousands of years ago for the Ancient Egyptians. Made only of flour, water, and salt, how it can be good?  Maybe the secrets lies in the baking or the oven?

Walking along main street in El Gezira, on the West Bank of Luxor, bread popping out of an oven stopped me.IMG_6007-=2 When I walked closer a man came out of the store, and smiling at me he asked, “You want to see? Inside?” —  Did I? Of course I did! And I wanted to take pictures, but just holding up one’s phone and snapping away is often not welcomed.IMG_6003--2

“My name Mahmoud, this my store,” he said proudly while showing me around. When I took my phone out of my pocket, he asked, “You want picture?”  I nodded and he continued,” You take picture, OK!” So I took picture!……..


Wooden receptacle in which dough is prepared


Lined up on a wooden blank and ready for the oven

Mahmouds assistant putting it in the oven

Mahmoud’s assistant putting it in the oven


Ready for Sale


………..and thanking him for his kindness, I bought some of his bread for our lunch – warm, right out of the oven it was delicious – how can just flour, water, and salt taste so good?

 More from Egypt[ soontile bird-3


P.S.  Flat Bread has now arrived on our shores and is eaten regularly by many American





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  1. lovetotrav says:

    OH what a nice sweet encounter. I love the pictures as well. They make me get excited for our departure for Egypt in August. Can’t wait. Cheryl


  2. Peggy Anne Lyman says:

    How nice for you to be able to see this and share it with us. Thank you.


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