'VERY important to any one planning to come and visit Egypt.<br /><br />
Please read</p><br />
<p>With little noise, the visa requirements and regulations for tourists visiting Egypt from the US have changed. Starting May 15th, 2015, obtaining a tourist visa for Egypt will get harder for some nationalities, including Americans. The New York Egypt Mission has officially released a statement about what will change for US citizens to visit Egypt. Other nationalities may be affected. But fear not, Cairo<br /><br />
Visitors from the US will have to apply for a tourist visa at an Egyptian consulate or mission abroad PRIOR to entering the country. For the application, some documents are required, such as a passport valid for at least six months after entry and two passport pictures. Starting May 15th 2015, there will be no visas issued to US Americans at the airport or borders without the Egyptian Diplomatic Mission’s full approval in advance.</p><br />
<p>US tourist groups can still obtain visas at the airport, given they have been obtained through Egyptian Tourist Agencies prior to the group's arrival. These visas are only valid for the duration of the booked tour.</p><br />
<p>Other nationalities will also be affected as visa regulations have changed. However, tourists visiting Nuweiba, Sharm El Sheikh and Taba resorts for touristic purposes are able to obtain a tourist visa for 15 days upon entering the country with no costs being applicable. Travel outside of these areas will require a full tourist visa.'

Agence France Presse

CAIRO: Egypt Thursday postponed a deadline to stop issuing on-arrival visas for lone travelers until the creation of an electronic visa system, after critics said the move could damage tourism.

Government officials said last month that starting from May 15 on-arrival visas would be granted only to groups traveling with tour operators.

Lone travelers would be required to apply for visas at Egyptian consulates, in a move aimed at bolstering border security.

But the deadline has been “postponed” until an electronic visa system is in place, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

“The purpose of this measure is to organize the process of foreigners entering the country within a framework that respects national sovereignty, considers national security, and at the same time does not affect tourism,” the ministry said.

It gave no timeline for when the electronic visa system might be in place.

Egypt is trying to woo back tourists after almost four years of unrest hit the once-thriving industry and as it battles militants who have killed scores of security personnel.

About 10 million tourists visited in 2014, down sharply from a 2010 figure of almost 15 million people drawn to the country’s archaeological sites and Red Sea resorts.

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