Not knowing Cairo well, what was there to do at night. LA BODEGA was the answer. The receptionist in my hotel in Zamalek told me that LA BODEGA was in walking distance.


Located at 157, 26th of July Street, Zamalek, one of Cairo’s main avenues, – I was confident I could not go wrong – but I did – not being a native I did not know that house numbers are not a must, and that even when the name on the door says BALMORAL – I had arrived. I just didn’t know it until somebody asked what I was looking for – LA BODEGA?

“Yes, here, upstairs!” How could I know that when it says BALMORAL, it also means LA BODEGA. I avoided the old, ornate iron elevator, and took the stairs up to the first floor. In front of the entrance a group of men and women, carved in beautiful white marble was waiting…..


….and it looked like you can even smoke??


It is one of Cairo’s most popular and trendy nightspots visited by Egyptians as well as expats.  A large restaurant, a lounge area, and a tiny, cozy bar,  with dimmed lights, and elegant décor, are inviting choices. I picked the bar and while sipping my drink and talking to an expat living in Cairo for many years, I found out that  LA BODEGA is a busy place any day of the week, and he warned, “This being a classy place it is best to dress up.” I had not dressed up, but my black dress made me fit in.

The next time you are in Cairo don’t miss LA BODEGA – to see the nightlife scene, eat Mediterranean food, or just to have a drink in the bar where the glasses are hanging
up-side down waiting to serve you. Cheers!


More from Egypt soon



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