When in the news this morning they announced that American War ships are moving into the Red Seas,  my heart skipped a beat – war ships? During my visit to Egypt last year my  trip to the Red Sea was the highlight of my visit.

No, it is not red and it does not part anymore, as according to the bible, it did for the Israelites to help them escape from slavery in Egypt. It is the most beautiful shade of  blue and the gentle waves change to an emerald-green closer to the shore.

The drive from Cairo was easy and I was surprised how quickly we had reached the Red Sea. It was not long before I asked to stop the car – I couldn’t wait to feel the water – off came my shoes and I waded in as far as the stony shore allowed.  It was a WOW moment!


Continuing our drive along the shore, I saw white and blue styrofoam boxes lined up on the side of the highway.IMG_2382-2 Fish dangling over them told by passers-by that they can buy fresh fish – yes, catch of the day – right from the Red Sea a few feet away.

And not only could one buy fish but it could be eaten right then and there, grilled over an open fire. We gave our pick to a young man who was in charge of the cooking, and went to sit down at a small table under a straw roof and waited. The smell drifting over from the grill made me impatient and hungry.IMG_2380-2

Finally it came – IMG_2389-2the boy put a plate in front of me, but nothing else – no knife or folk. For a moment I thought he will still bring it, but he didn’t. “Do you mind eating with your fingers?” my companion asked while he was digging into his firs victim. I caught myself quickly, “No……. not at all. It makes it more tasty” and with that I took the first fish apart – and at the end of the meal I really enjoyed my “finger-licking” way of eating fish. What kind of fish was it? I don’t know. I never asked, but it was delicious!

More from Egypt soon



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