After writing 99 Blogs about Egypt over the last year, I feel quite excited that the next one is number 100.

Writing it today has been on my schedule for the last week, but when watching the news I realized that writing Blog 100 coincides with Egypt fighting for its freedom once again. So I am not so sure what my Blog could be about – how can I write about Egypt’s past when there is so much history happening now?


Today, on June 30th, thousands of Egyptians, in a brutal temperatures are marching in the streets of Cairo and all over Egypt, fighting for their freedom by demonstrating against Mohammed Mursi’s ineffective and oppressive regime during his 12 months in office. They want him to leave allowing for new democratic elections. Tensions are high and the fear of valiant clashes between Mursi’s supporters and  his opponents  made the US Government warn against travelling to Egypt and authorized the departure of some of the US Embassy staff and their families.

It is night in Cairo now, but the crowd in Tahrir Square is still there


Photo from Karim El-Gawhary

and nobody knows what the outcome will be! Seeing these pictures and listing to the news, I am, of course, worried about the friends I made while I was visiting Egypt. I hope that they are save, and I pray for Egypt to find a way – without violence –  that will bring a better life to all its citizens. –

So this does not count as Blog Number 100 – I will come back  soon and show you more of the positive and beautiful side of Egypt.



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3 Responses to EGYPT – MY LOVE- BLOG 100

  1. suanqu says:

    Hi Brigitte, I worry that violent overthrow will not yield and better results and as we see leave the people worse off.


    • Hi -that would be very sad- but maybe a NON violent
      overthrow could allow for new elections – Insha-allah!


      • suanqu says:

        If we look at Tunisia, its a mess and no state control although maybe that’s a good thing. Mohammed Mursi turned out to be as bad as Hosni Mubarak meaning there was no real change and there is a possibility that he is simply a USA appointed stooge.
        Today the politics of all countries hinge of the policy of the USA and that the US government is the lapdog to those in power. See


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