McDonalds is an American Invention, but the Egyptians have found a way to improve the American concept – no, not the hamburgers, but the service. THEY DELIVER!  And they call it McDELIVERY!


In front of  McDonald’s, just next to my Hotel in Cairo, about a dozen yellow and red scooters were parked – a big red box on the back of the scooter advertises their delivery service and the number to call  -19991 –IMG_2416-2 which you can hardly forget. From time to time a young man, dressed in a red t-shirt, comes rushing out of McDonald’s, opens the red box to drop the order in, puts on his helmet and takes off at a neckbreaking speed.

Do you think we would eat more Hamburgers if we would have a McDelivery  in the US?

More from Egypt soon


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