Returning from my third trip to Egypt I have many photos and stories to share. But I want to start by introducing you to an interesting man  I met on two of my visits. He lives on the West Bank in Luxor, and earns his livelihood by making flyswatters – a very useful tool at times.

Oct0ber 2010

Oct0ber 2010


October 2010

The first time we met was in October of 2010, before the January 2011 revolution. Our tour bus stopped and he was standing on the corner of the street offering flyswatters for sale. Several people from our group, including me, bought one to take home. He looked happy and content with life, selling what he had made.


October 2012

This time, two years after the revolution he stood forlorn  in the street, still offering his flyswatters. But besides our car with just one passenger, myself, there were no tourists or other cars in sight. We stopped, I walked over to him and while shaking his hand I tried to explain that we had met two years ago. But neither my Arabic or his English helped him to understand. He allowed me to take a photo again and we left.

Now back home, looking at his picture, I feel very sad, because I can see a hopelessness and anger in his face that was not there two years ago. He is a simple man, and I am wondering if he is able to understand what has happened to his country? – and why there is hardly anybody coming to buy a flyswatter anymore!

More from Egypt soon


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  1. THE VIBE 101 says:

    Our tour of Egypt finished only a few days before the January 2011 revolution. It’s such a fascinating county and a trip I’ll never forget.


  2. jnioche says:

    Great story, I can feel for the man who is swept by events he has no control but affect his daily life. Great insight.


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