Our  tank was empty – we needed gas, and the only gas station anywhere near was the one located in the small village of Gorna, where we were passing through. There were cars in front of us waiting to get gas. I think we were about fifth in line.  We were worried that they would run out before it was our term. But we were lucky, our term came. But we were told that we could only have  a few gallons. This was a surprise, we are used to saying   FILL IT UP!  But when we were at the pump, and saw the drums where the gasoline was stored, it made sense. They were not very big, and their rusty outside, and dents did not look reassuring. But needing gas, we did  not care if storage tank was rusty, dented, underground, on the ground, or in a ditch – we needed gas. Isn’t it funny how all our IFS and BUTS disappear when necessity calls?



Gorna is a small village on the West Bank, near Luxor.

More from Egypt soon


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