It must have been meant to be that on my last day in Egypt, at the Temple of Dendara, when I needed something to cheer me up,  I met Bes.

Bes, is not a person but a little, grotesque statue of an ugly, fat, and bearded gnome who is sticking out his tongue, with prominent genitals.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I was told that he is the God of Good Humour worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians.

Obviously he hadn’t lost his magic, because when I left the temple my nostalgic sadness about leaving the next day was gone.

But besides cheering people up he also was  the protector of women and children, and often a statue of Bes was present when a woman gave birth – (certainly a time when you  need all the help you can get).

Maybe if WE had a God of Good Humour we would all feel better?

More from Egypt soon


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1 Response to BES – GOD OF GOOD HUMOUR

  1. jacques says:

    Good humour, but no icecream!!!….


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