As I found out during my second trip to Egypt in March of this year, courage can have big rewards. Most of my friends and family tried to discourage me from going because they felt it was too dangerous, but I was not afraid.

I had been there in November 2010, when, besides me, over 12 million tourists had visited Egypt that year. There was no getting away from them. They were lots and lots of people everywhere. It made sightseeing, like visiting the Temple of Karnak and trying to see the decorations on the columns, rather difficult. You had to look over someone’s shoulder!


The day we were there, it was around 4.30 pm near closing time, there were so many people, that I had the impression a subway train from New York had arrived and unloaded all its passengers to walk between the famous columns.

During my second visit it was just the opposite – there were hardly any tourists anywhere. On this picture, taken at the Temple of Karnak this year, you can see a few tourists drifting around, but no crowds.


So if you don’t like travelling with lots and lots of  people, and  you would like to visit Egypt, don’t wait until all the tourists are back – and they will be one day – be brave and go soon.


 Wisdom can be found in the most unexpected places – while waiting to board the plane in Luxor, I was sitting next to a  couple in their late 70s. When I heard them speak German I turned around and said, (in German)  “So you were not afraid to come to Egypt either?”

” Not at all,” the wife answered, “I said to my husband let’s go now. The prices are low, there are no tourists, and if something happens to us – well, since we have to die anyway one day, why not in Egypt.”

More from Egypt soon


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