No, it is not just a name. It all started a long time ago with a real Pacha from Upper Egypt. who dreamed of having a floating palace on the Nile to live out his remaining years. Determined to fulfill his dream, the Pacha ordered plans from the best naval architects and he began collecting treasures and masterpieces to adorn his Palace. Contruction started in 1887.

In 1901 the Pacha passed away without having fulfilled his dream. He left his estate to his two daughters who chose to live in their Cairo mansion. They abandoned the unfinished boat in Upper Egypt.

Nearly a  century later, an explorer discovered the partially sunken boat along the bangs of the Nile. He fell in love with the majesty and luxury of the ship which he could still envision through the layers of mud and dust. Finally after 10 years of searching for the owners of the wreck, he bought and refurbished it. Added two more decks and named the reborn boat Le Pacha 1901. 

Anchored on the banks of the Nile, in walking distance from the Cairo Tower , it has over the last 20 years hosted guests and dignitaries from all over the world. It has 10 restaurants and 3 banquet ballrooms, catering to different tastes – Italian, Far East, French, Indian, English and of course there is the Egyptian Restaurant, where I had lunch.The meal was delicious, and looking out over the Nile adds to the taste of the food.

So when you are in  Cairo don’t forget to dine with the Pacha.

More about restaurants in Cairo soon


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