Driving back from a visit to the Valley of the Kings a few weeks ago, our driver slowed down a few times, leaned out the  window and called out to another driver.Of course, I could not understand what he was asking, but I knew it was not for directions because we had been here before.

“He is asking where we can get some gasoline” the guide translated.

At this time we were passing the local gas station, and someone shouted,  “Come back in an hour, there will be a delivery soon.”

When we came back there had in fact been a delivery and we could pull up to get gas.

The pump looked nothing like the ones in Cairo, where Mobile looks very much like here. But there in Gorna, on the West bank of the Nile, just opposite Luxor, it looked a little different.

And as you can see ont the next picture safety is not the main concern.The gasoline they delivered is filled into the drums which are balancing in a shallow ditch.

Since my visit to Egypt in March, the fuel shortage has become worth, leading to long queues across the country.

In the US we complain about the price of gasoline, but we are able to find it without having to come back in an hour – maybe we should count our blessings?

More about Egypt soon


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